Tobacco Odors: Why Are They So Difficult to Remove

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The Science of Tobacco Odors

With any unpleasant odor, your first thought is how to get rid of it. Tobacco odors are no different. But tobacco smells are always so difficult to remove. Even with many kinds of cleaners or perfumed air fresheners, the odor can still return in a matter of days. Why does this happen?

Well, with any odor problem, the issue lies in the molecules. Odors come from odor molecules in the air. When it comes to tobacco, these odors often come from the exhaled molecules from the lungs. They mix with the moisture in our lungs and, once exhaled, settle and dry onto the surfaces they land on. So for those cars or homes that have been excessively smoked in, the odor molecules have dried onto the carpet, walls, ceiling, upholstery, and anything else inside that space.

What do you do?

So now that we know the source of this resilient odor, what can you do about it. Like we mentioned earlier, many perfumed air fresheners and cleaners merely cover the smell for only a few days, or even just hours before the original scent is back. The solution to this never-ending cycle is finding a cleaning system that eliminates the odors at the source rather than masking them. One of the most common suggestions that help with this are scrubbing all interior hard surfaces and cleaning upholstered and carpeted surface, both with true “Odor Eliminating” cleaners. This, however, can be a painstaking, time-consuming process. Rather than facing this struggle alone, you can also hire professionals like Master Odor Removal. We specialize in odor elimination including tobacco odor elimination. Our proven method works quickly to remove odors from interiors, saving you time and the headache.

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